Land of ice and cold

I hate cold weather. So I decided that a good place to start writing my article about Iceland would be a creperie in the harbour of Saint Tropez. So here I ordered a scoop of my favourite stracciatella ice cream to cool of on hot summer afternoon and started to put the memories and impressions together.
Here are some tips if you are planning your Iceland trip. You do need a thick hat (or two), waterproof shoes and a special gravel insurance for your rental car (I also did not know that such thing exists). And a golden Visa credit card (if you are less lucky like me, you will be financially recovering from your trip for next couple months). Iceland is one of the most expensive countries in the world.
Then you are set to go! And so we did. And most of the time we enjoyed being surrounded by nothing but gorgeous lava mountains, waterfalls, moss and ocean (and surprisingly excellent 4G coverage in the most remote places)
We have seen the most amazing spa in the world, famous Blue Lagoon.
We have traveled through a snowstorm on the way to south coast (beginning of May, no wonder since Iceland has been waiting for summer since 1926)
We have ate the amazing Icelandic lamb soup (called with some unpronounceable name but available in many restaurants)
We climbed on a top of a crashed plane in the middle of nowhere where you had to walk 4 kilometres through cold blasting wind (no one got hurt in a crash and now it is a major tourist attraction)
We drove through tiny villages and stopped in even smaller cafes where a tourist is a rare species but almost every local speaks great English.
We got stuck in a traffic jam in Reykjavik which has developed in a vibrant city with tons of pubs, bars and restaurants.
We went to a valley where intercontinental plates of Europe and America meet. How often can you be in Europe and America in space of few minutes?
What did I buy? Nothing. Unless you are after a fur hat or a pair of trekking shoes. Keep your money for duty free.



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