37 pink bodysuits later

What I planned to do in the last 6 months naively thinking that being a full time mom is like a holiday:

Trade Forex most of the days
Travel to the USA
Check my emails on a daily basis.
Finally get a tan and not just weird patches that I normally do get.

What I have managed in the last 6 months:

I have changed 2700 nappies.
I have produced 4000 oz /118 litres of breastmilk
I had a one night out with my hubby.
I have not gone crazy yet!

What have I done for the rest of the time? I literally cannot remember. BTW of my list I managed only one thing and got an amazing tan. Still being a mom is such a surreal thing that every time a get a letter from a doctor surgery addressed as ‘carer of…’ I have to pinch myself that it is real and this miracle is mine forever.

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