There is always first time…

First time to visit Devon. And so I did. And I survived the five hour drive and there I finally was on Friday evening. The next day I put on my most comfy retro shoes (they look old and knackered but they are just made look old) and a comfy shirt and headed to Clovelly, a very picturesque seaside village.

I managed to have first lunch al fresco this year (proper rural style, surrounded by bunch of pigs and very loud duckling couple), it was my first time to ride in a Land Rover (and it was one bumpy ride) and a first time to attend a pottery workshop (I was most likely the oldest and very keen participant in years… after realizing that it is me and a bunch of kids in the group)

Pure perfection.

beach devon my style portfoliomy style portfolio boatsearthy colors my style portfolioal fresco eating my style portfoliomy style portfolio fashion blogclovelly my style portfolio

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  1. This place looks absolutely adorable, I especially love the last picture with the cute boats and houses


  2. Ioanna says:

    Great photos and your outfit is so nice!




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