Weekend with a Pug

I don’t know how I got myself into it but I have ended up with a pug for the weekend. Pugs should come with manuals and set of earplugs. Manuals on how to explain to him that sofa is really not a lamppost, that lost sandwiches found on the side of the road are not an afternoon snack, postmen are actually quite nice people and Saturday paper is supposed to stay in one piece. And maaan, they snore like an old sailor!

And because I feel like I am getting an itch if I stay at home longer than half day, I decided to put the pug in the car and find some good dog friendly eateries around.braides-my-style-portfolioyacht-club-7detail-my-style-portfolioyacht-club-6black-pink-my-style-portfolioyacht-club-1


Skirt: Lauren Conrad / Bag: Louis Vuitton

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