Taxi to the airport please!

The other day when I came home after yet another 12 hour work day and found only empty fridge with a sad looking half eaten pizza and a massive pile of dirty laundry I decided that it is about time I have a few days off. I booked some flights and I am going to Prague!

And I am NOT going to be good. My plan involves eating lot of cake, wearing red Converse sneakers and ripped jeans, taking way too many daft Instagram pictures and feeding my shopping obsession.

And there is another bonus, I can be annoying and wish everyone happy weekend already on Tuesday. I am packed and the taxi to the airport is going to be here in a few minutes…7q2a38957q2a3896shoppibg-obsession-my-style-portfolio7q2a3894chanel-my-style-portfolio7q2a3893



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