To my (less than) dear friend

You have been following me for years and I have mixed feelings about you.

You keep me up at night spending ours sorting out my wardrobe because you don’t let me sleep and then let me bang my head on a desk when I doze off in the day. You leave me confused if it is time for eggs and toast for breakfast or if I should order me a pizza for dinner. You make me forget stuff at the airport and then let me chase it for days with the airline. You were a reason why I lost my credit card a while ago and spilled a tea on a brand new white T shirt on a few occasions.

And as a true and loyal friend you keep coming back. But if having friends like you feels like this then I’d rather not have any! Thank you but it is time to say good bye! I am not flying further than Ibiza!

Good bye jet lag!

Dress: Zara

Bag: purchased in Thailand

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