Diagnose: Pragueholic

I have always liked a good road-trip and there is no better time for cruising around than summer. My next adventure starts only in a few weeks and involves stops in Brussels, Warsaw, Prague, Minsk, Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn. A bit of a craziness to fit all this in 9 days! First stop: Prague.

But what can you do when you have only 24 hours?

First things first: food! All decent Czech food has some sort of dumpling in it. 🙂

Stop in Cafe Louvre for ‘svickova’ which is sirloin in creamy vegetable sauce, dumplings and cranberries with whipped cream. Mmmmm

Then climb to the third floor of Galerie Myslbek to coffee shop Mysak and have some coffee with ‘buchticky se sodo’, sweet dumplings with custard sauce as a desert.

Have not had enough dumplings?

Head over to Strelecky ostrov which is a small island located in the middle of Vltava river and get a paddling swan and just paddle around for a while.

Climb to the top of the municipal house above the astronomical clock and enjoy Prague from a bird eye perspective.

Leave your heels in the luggage and get lost in the old cobblestone streets of Prague.

And if you are there in a few days you may see me all tired but immensely happy to be back even for a short time.

I love you Prague.

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