My Love and Hate Relationship with High Heels

My relationship with high heels has been a roller-coaster over the years. It all started when i was 16 and was landed my very first job as a hostess for ice hockey championship. Till then a tomboy I got myself my first pair of proper high heels. Very 90′ with super long pointed front. I was all made up and me and my heels were inseparable over next few weeks. I did not care that I looked like a funny duckling bouncing from side to side as I could not properly walk in them. They empowered me and gave me confidence I needed.

Over the years I have developed a real skill in getting my heels stuck in pavement, I managed to get a few twisted ankles and had to run for a fair amount of bandages to nearby pharmacies. I learnt that some high heels are only meant to be bought and then displayed in the closet and admired like a piece of art. They should come with a warning ‘HAZARDOUS MATERIAL’ And also that it is OK to cheat a bit and wear wedges.

We had our ups and downs, high heels and me. But I ain’t giving up on them yet!


Skirt: H&M / Top: Self-Portrait / Bag: Ralph Laurent

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