Go Heavy on Chocolate Mousse Please

I always wanted to visit Burj al Arab hotel in Dubai. But getting inside proved harder than I initially imagined. You need to show the guard at the main gate that you have some business there. When I visited Dubai first time, I was a student. I was terribly skinned… Booking a night was not an option for me. So I scraped together a payment for the cheapest service they had on the menu. An afternoon tea. Back then I had no idea what an afternoon tea was. I did not expect a twelve course session including strawberries served dipped in gold! No half way job over-there…

How many of you have become afternoon tea connoisseurs after just one session and totally by mistake?

My favorite spot for an afternoon tea here in the UK is Cloud 23 in Manchester. I love to book my afternoon tea just for the time of sunset. So I wrapped myself in the biggest scarf I have (thanks Santa… I mean auntie for keeping me warm)  and headed there for a sip and bite of sweet indulgence.

Please go heavy on the chocolate mousse!



Sweatshirt: Forever21 / Handbag: Louis Vuitton / www.cloud23bar.com

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